Peter Bennett

Research Assistant"


Peter is a part-time teaching fellow, this year running the Interactive Devices unit and co-running the HCI unit with Dr Aisling O'Kane, alongside supervising Masters level independent projects. His research interests focus on novel tangible methods of interaction and giving 'digital bits' physical form. In addition to his role as teaching fellow, Peter is a freelance creative technologist working on a variety of collaborative projects.

Current projects include designing cognitive games for the Gorillas at Bristol Zoo, building a physical 'meta-analyser' with UoB's Integrative Epidemiology Uni, designing visualisations for the 'citizen sensing' project with Knowle West Media Centre, and collaborating on 'The Collider', a virtual reality theatrical experience.

Peter has undertaken four post-doc positions in the Bristol Interaction Group. These include PhysiCAD, exploring how Lego can be used as an interface for CAD. Pet Sounds, exploring the how miniature social musical compositions can be constructed. Tangible Memories investigated how stories can be told in care homes with tangible interfaces. PATINA, designing new technologies to support research.

More info can be found on Pete's homepage: