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Florent Berthaut

Marie Curie Research Fellow"


My research aims at exploring the opportunities brought by virtual and augmented reality interfaces for musical performance. In this context, I study 3D representations of sound processes and musical structures and I develop 3D interaction devices and techniques matching the constraints of musical  interaction. I also study musical collaboration in virtual environments and  scenography/displays for performances with immersive virtual musical instruments. I received my PhD at the University of Bordeaux, France in 2010 on the subject "Building, Manipulating and Visualizing Sound Processes in Immersive Virtual Environments for Musical Performance". Two main projects integrate results of my research: Drile, an immersive musical instrument based on hierarchical live-looping, and Rouages, a 3D mixed-reality visualization system for digital musical instruments. Details on my current research can be found on http://hitmuri.net