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David Coyle

Visiting Research Fellow"


David is a Lecturer in Computer Science at University College Dublin. From 2012 to 2014 he was a lecturer with BIG and continues to collaborate with the group. The overall goal of his research is to design systems that help to address important societal challenges, in particular healthcare and sustainability. His current work has a strong interdisciplinary focus, with several broad themes:

  • Health technologies: I have projects investigating the use of games and mobile devices in mental health interventions and lead the user-centred design activities in two large health technology projects, SPHERE and the IEU.
  • User Experience: I am developing new techniques to understand the experience of agency when interacting with novel technologies, including intelligent and on-body interfaces.
  • Crowdsourcing and information visualisation: Other projects are investigating crowdsourcing and visualisation to support environmental activism and safety critical navigational tasks.
His personal website has more details on his research and interests: www.davidcoyle.org