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Kim Hyunyoung



Hyunyoung [hyuh-nyeong] Kim is a visiting Ph.D. student from Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France. She is doing a Ph.D. with Dr. Céline Coutrix and Dr. Anne Roudaut, investigating designs and applications of shape-changing interfaces. She travels around Europe for her Ph.D. (UK, Germany, and France).

During her Ph.D., she focuses on three aspects of shape-changing interfaces: design framework, design tools, and applications. She believes that the design framework and tools will enable researchers, designers, and makers in developing their shape-changing interfaces. She also believes that demonstrating strong applications for shape-changing interfaces will help to spread the concept of shape-changing interfaces and enable users to do their work or live life efficiently and pleasantly. She previously worked as a UX designer at Samsung Korea. You can read more about Hyunyoung’s work on her website.

Besides work, she likes painting, drawing, and playing the piano. She is a little serious Starcraft 2 player. If you play it, she will want to play with you.