Isabel Qamar



Dr Isabel Qamar is an EPSRC Research Fellow, whose main research agenda aims to bridge the fundamental gap between material science and computer science, with a specific focus in the context of shape-changing devices. She has a particular interest in fabrication and was recently awarded an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship to carry out research into the 3D printing of electronic components onto complex, shape-changing topologies, that will enable the development of interactive, morphing structures.

Isabel has a background in Aerospace Engineering and completed her PhD in the Advanced Composites Collaboration for Innovation and Science (ACCIS) at the University of Bristol, where she developed 3D printed vascular networks for self-healing composite materials. Throughout her time in ACCIS, she has focused on employing a bio-inspired approach to develop smart materials and structures that have novel functionality.

You can read more about Isabel’s research on her personal website and her LinkedIn profile. Aside from work, Isabel is a keen CrossFitter and certified Rescue Scuba Diver (Divemaster in training!). She also likes the occasional bit of travelling and enjoys playing the guitar and piano in whatever spare time she has left.