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Izdihar Jamil



I am PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol where I am attached to the Interaction & Graphics Group (BIG). My PhD adviser is Professor Sriram Subramanian and I am sponsored by the Malaysian government. For my PhD, I am researching about the communication patterns that occur during collaboration around multi-touch digital tabletops. My work is inter-disciplinary, combining research areas from human computer interaction, communication and education. Hence, I work very closely with the staff, students and parents from the local secondary schools. My work is also multi-country. We deployed our digital tabletops internationally including the United Kingdom, India and Finland. Hence I have experience in researching cross-country behaviours as well as dealing with multiple organisations globally. My research interests include investigating the behavioural patterns of users when they interact around new and existing technology. Moreoever, I'm looking into the 'Whole Package' technology where users are experiencing a multi-sensorial technology. That is, we are not just merely visualising an object, we can feel its texture, interact with it in 3D and smell its odour. I am also interested in pushing the boundaries of an existing technology. For example, looking at the collaborative benefits of the digital tabletops when combined with the water display technology or brain computer interaction in enhancing the user experience. I have recently submitted my PhD thesis, yeaaaa! My viva is scheduled within the next few weeks. Feel free to drop me a line of encouragement.