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Ana Javornik

Lecturer in Digital Marketing"


Ana Javornik, PhD, is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Digital Marketing at the School of Management, University of Bristol. Her research investigates people’s interactions with social media and immersive technologies. Part of her research is interdisciplinary, sitting at the intersection of digital marketing and human-computer interaction. For instance, her prior research investigated how people interact with AR make-up try-on in different contexts, such as retail or theatre, or how people can use AR for outdoor exploration. She has a particular interest in the use of augmented reality (AR) and its effect on people’s identity and well-being.

During her PhD studies, she received a Swiss National Science Foundation grant for Prospective researchers and spent a year at the UCL Interaction Centre. She also obtained the UCL Enterprise funding for a 6-month industrial secondment at the London-based studio Holition. Her work has been published in internationally recognised journals and presented at leading conferences in marketing and human-computer interaction, such as Behaviour & Information technology, Designing Interactive Systems (DIS), ACM conference on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) and International AR/VR Conference.

Her publications can be found here