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I am Diego Martinez Plasencia, a researcher on 3D User Interfaces. I started my research working on multi-user Virtual Reality worlds. Although I really love their potential to go beyond the real world, creating user-tailored experiences and really rich collaborative spaces, I believe that the traditional VR arrangements (e.g. Head-mounted devices, speziallized spacessuch as Caves) really stand in the way of usable experiences. Reduced spaces, data gloves, helmets, sensors (and the dozen wires that go with them) are not something that is gong to become mainstream in our day to day life. Although certainly successfull for gaming (e.g. Oculus Rift, Project morpheus) , VR as a field will fail to adapt to a world in which users are continuously conected and surrounded by their digital life. In the last years, I have been trying to come up with systems that allow us to get the benefits of collaborative VR worlds, but in formats that can integrate in our day to day life. I think that by doing the hardware/systems more clever we can avoid adding cumbersome devices on the user, and this will increase the adoption of these types of interfaces. For more information, you can check my personal web page.