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Roisin McNaney

Lecturer in digital health and care"


Róisín has an interest in new and emerging technologies (VR, AR, Voice assisted technology, IoT devices) and how they can be used to support self-monitoring and management in people with long term health conditions (e.g. Parkinson's, dementia, mental health, COPD, stroke). She is also interested in how these technologies can support people within caring roles, or within care settings (e.g. assisted living). She has a clinical background as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT), and so is always interested in projects exploring how digital technology can support SLT practice. Her current active projects are exploring:

  • The detection of mental health behaviours relating to self-harm, and binge eating/ bulimia using mobile phone interactions
  • The Co-Design of mobile applications to support clinical training of SLTs in Ghana
  • The role of Alexa in supporting people with Parkinson's in improving speech clarity
  • The use of the SPHERE platform (home based sensing) in detecting symptoms of Parkinson's
  • Data supported decision making in COPD care (PhD supervision of Helena Tendedez, Lancaster Uni)
  • The Co-Design of VR experiences with people transitioning into assisted living facilities
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