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Asier Marzo



During his PhD, Asier conducted research in Serious Games, Augmented Reality and Acoustic Levitation. He has taken part in various international projects and published in major research journals (e.g. Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Applied Physics Letters and IEEE Transactions on Education) as well as several A* conferences (CHI, UIST, Multimedia and ISMAR). He was awarded best academic expedient during his degree and obtained a PhD grant from the Government of Navarre. He was awarded the Bob Chievers Prize in 2017 from the Institute of Physics. He has worked as a software engineer, videogame developer and programming teacher.

Currently, he is funded by the EPSRC and his research is focused on using sound and light to manipulate particles. Manipulate particles such as clots or kidney stones from the exterior of our body without any incision, or to levitate hundreds of physical pixels that compose a 3D object. His background in computer science is a vital tool for controlling phased-arrays of hundreds of elements and visualizing invisible fields.

His work has been featured amongst other channels in BBC, Discovery Channel and Nature Videos. He has presented his research in TEDx and his publications in Nature Communications, Applied Physics Letters and Scientific Instruments of the Journals are beyond the percentile 99th according to Altmetrics.

One of his main objectives is to make devices and techniques for manipulating particles affordable and open for everyone. This is reflected on his Instructables as well as in the numerous entries in science and technology blogs.