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Jacob (Jake) Rigby

Senior Research Associate"


My current research focuses on climate services – the systems that provide climate, weather, and other environmental information to assist decision making and guide climate adaptation around the world. These systems feature a diverse range of interactions and users, all with different capacities and needs. By understanding these users better we can design more effective and useful technologies to enable more impactful climate adaptation measures.

  I am currently a senior research associate working on the interdisciplinary DOWN2EARTH project, which seeks to improve the provision of climate services across East Africa. As part of this, we are designing technologies for professional users and users in rural communities. Previously, I completed my doctorate at the UCL Interaction Centre and a BSc and MSc by research and Durham University.

  Research interests: HCI, climate services, HCI/ICT for development, media experiences and measuring them, multitasking and interruptions, sustainability.