Anne Roudaut

Associate Professor"


Anne is a Professor in Human-Computer Interaction and head of the Bristol Interaction and Graphics group. She previously did a post-doc in the Human computer interaction lab (Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany). And She did her Ph.D with Eric Lecolinet (Telecom ParisTech, Paris). Research interests The iPhone was certainly a breakthrough, but I believe future devices will vary in form factors and technologies. Her research aims at shaping the software and the hardware of these future mobile devices. In particular, She focuses on non-planar and self-actuated devices. She studied touch on spherical surfaces, she built a force feedback touchscreen that translates the user’s finger and She currently designs shape changing flexible mobile devices that morph to offer better affordances. Her research approach is a blend of theory, experimentation, and software/hardware design. Through her work, she intents to help designers create the best possible interfaces and devices we will soon have in our hands. More info on Anne can be found on her homepage: