Paul Shabajee



Paul is an interdisciplinary Research Fellow with wide-ranging research interests spanning environmental and social sustainable development and practical applications of Information & Communications Technologies (ICT).

His current project is TEAPOT (Tools for Environmental Planning of Television) working with Chris Preist and Dan Schien and in partnership with BBC Research and Development to model and understand the energy and carbon footprint of TV viewing across media platforms.

Previous projects have focused on, the design of tools to support smart energy and smart cities development, social and personal impacts of digital technologies on work life balance, applications of digital technologies to support climate change adaptation, Life Cycle Assessment of internet based media and the environmental impacts of the academic and commercial events - see main university profile page.

In addition to his work at University of Bristol, Paul is a UX (User eXperience) Analyst with Epimorphics, a Linked and Open Data company based in Portishead just outside Bristol. His work there has included projects on the design and publication of open data with the Environment Agency, Land Registry and Food Standards Agency.