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Joshua Taylor



Josh Taylor, postdoctoral researcher within the University of Bristol’s Interaction Group (BIG). Josh’s research spans multiple disciplines which meet to a societal transformation towards using sustainable technologies. His focus within sustainability in developing and applying novel technologies and processes which are accessible to non-expert users in both industry and academia.

His current research with Bristol Interaction Group is in developing additive manufacturing methods using acoustic levitation to support rapid prototyping. The technologies are largely material independent which have capacity to support prototyping with naturally compostable materials.

Previously Josh founded an ambitious citizen science project which set out to measure air quality and crowdsource solutions to the issues which were identified (Air Watch). He developed the project and obtained a grant to fund it. The projects interactions with the public were based around informal interviews at events and online maps developed for the purpose. Open-source and low-cost environmental monitors were also developed using AI methods to calibrate them over the Internet of Things. His efforts to create behavioural change using cross- disciplinary collaboration were recognised by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) who awarded a fellowship.

Josh trained as an engineer and has a wide skill set in experiment design, public engagement, communication as well as hardware and software design. His PhD was spent developing performance analysis techniques for the British Olympic Sailing team.