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Yao-Ling is doing his Ph.D in Computer Science at University of Bristol and supervised by Professor Sriram Subramanian. Currently he is dedicated in the research area of Human-Computer Interaction with novel displays by inviting the knowledge from Computer/Robotic Vision as well as Image Processing. He is also interested in Medical Imaging and Robotics. Before being a Ph.D student in University of Bristol, he was doing his undergraduate and master in Taiwan. Both of the degrees are in "Computer Science and Information Engineering" in Fu-Jen Catholic University. After graduated from his mater programme in Fu-Jen Catholic University, he was being a research assistant while serving in the "Research and Development Military Services (RDSS)" in the "Institute of Information Science" at Academia Sinica in Taiwan. In September 2013, Yao-Ling was received the opportunity to be a MRes student in the Hamlyn Centre at Imperial College London; he was studying in "Medical Robotics and Image Guided Intervention". The work while he was doing MRes in Imperial College London:

  • "3D Fixation Point Estimation from a RGB-D camera and a Calibrated Wearable Monocular Eye-tracker," Individual Project in Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London, 2014. (Create an off-line system by using a Kinect and an eye-tracker to do fixation point tracking)
  • "Construction of a Dynamic Model of the Bronchi," Group Project in Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London, 2013. (Responsible to build up the clinical-based graphic user interface by using Qt)
And all his publications before 2014 are as shown below. Currently, he is working on the Project related to SensaBubble in the "BIG group" at University of Bristol.